About Us

Our journey started in 2004 triggered by a discussion with a group on business strategies and implementations. The discussion threw open the opportunity in taking some industries that need guidance, to the next and wider level towards their growth ambitions. Thus born was the consultancy framework that takes organizations on the next tangent. From consumer products, the idea expanded into other spheres as well, in a short span of time.

A team grew bigger with the intake of professionals who brought to the canvas the expertise in corporate strategy, Marketing communication, Market network development, Promotion design and implementation, Brand development, Manpower management and training functions. The FAST FORWARD shopping cart grew bigger with the support of many clients in FMCG, Durable, Telecom, Hospitality, Engineering, Education and others

This evolution has helped Fast Forward to put the core functions under its armour:-
  • Marketing Consultancy
  • Manpower Development and Training
  • Recruitment Function
  • Manpower outsourcing
  • Brand Development and Execution

We owe our present position to our clients who showed us the opportunities and have been parties in our progress.